Plastic Booooogers

Here’s how the Plastic Boogers show looked by the end of it. Paintings and works on paper by Grace Blake, Adam Kinninmont, Sarah Nathan-Truesdale and Danny Wild. Scribblings on PVC by Art School.


Grace, Sarah, Danny and Adam

Danny and Adam

Adam Kinninmont

Grace Blake

Danny Wild

Had a go on the wall out side as well.


Danny’s poster

Wild Action Painting

On the 30th of September it was sound and video provided by the lovely Danny Wild who’s expertise we enjoyed at the art school ball earlier in the year. Action painting for all who happened by, even a couple of philosophy students got their hands dirty. Large mess, large fun. Here are some artistic photographs of the event taken by Danny.


Plastic Boogers

Lets get up to date.

Tonight is Plastic Boogers an event organised by Grace K. Blake. Another interactive drawing show. More sounds by Luke Penders and Danny Wild, should be a fun one.

Drawing show

Way back in the first week of this semester we put on a very informal and impromptu drawing show.All in all it came together very well.

This show featured an all welcome drawing board and work from myself, Lauren Weston, Hannah Bath, Law X, Hannah Quinlivan, Ruby Green, Sue Banks and Crhis Carmody.

Hannah Quinlivan

Hannah Bath

Law X

Ruby Green

Lauren Weston

Sue Banks

Chris Carmody

Patrick Larmour


Despite having posted nothing here in a couple of months we have been active with shows and what not. More images and updates will follow.


A few of the artists we’ve shown participate in the group wobble who run commercial art shows in business around town. Facilitated by a former Architecture and woodwork student of the ANU they aim to provide a situation to benefit their artists both financially and in terms of public view.

Go have a look at the Wobble site there’s some great work on there.

Back to the whitehouse

Here are some photos from the second whitehouse show at the end of the last semester.

Rowena Boyd

Tom Farrel

Tim Pidcock